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What is STCW Convention? And what does it stand for? I We can explain!
Article 1 a of the IMO Convention, the IMO being the organisation that enforces the STCW, clearly states the purpose: to provide machinery for cooperation among governments in the field of governmental regulation and practices relating to technical matters of all kinds affecting shipping engaged in international trade; to encourage and facilitate the general adoption of the highest practicable standards in matters concerning maritime safety, the efficiency of navigation, and prevention and control of marine pollution from ships.
STCW Online courses for Cruise Ship Yacht Crew. - Seven Seas Preparatory Academy Ready To Start A Career At Sea?
Seven Seas Preparatory Academy offers an exclusive 2 Day STCW Basic Training Blended course formerly the STCW Basic Safety Training Course and known as STCW 95 2010 that is a combination of STCW online theory training covering the 4 modules of Basic Training followed by 2 days of in person practicals.
STCW Non STCW Courses at the NMCI.
STCW Proficiency in Maritime Security Awareness MSA is designed to provide those on board merchant vessels who do not have designated security duties with the essential MSA training which meets the knowledge, understanding and proficiency requirements as set out in the STCW Code.
Basic STCW is a fundamental requirement for yacht crew - Luxury Yacht Group.
Note that once these courses are complete, you will need to take a STCW refresher course every 5 years to stay current. The current courses required to obtain an STCW endorsement per the IMO STCW regulations are as follows.: Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting Basic Fire Fighting - 2.0 days.
Basic Safety Training For Merchant Fishing Vessels STCW 95.
Search in pages. STCW 95 - Basic Safety Training. This course is designed to meet the basic training requirements for all persons intending to go to sea on merchant and fishing vessels and complies with STCW '95' A-V1/1-1 to 1-4.
STCW Security Courses.
STCW Security Awareness for Seafarers Liberia Flag Approved. STCW Security Awareness for Seafarers UK MCA Flag Approved. STCW Security Duties for Cruise Ship Staff Liberia Flag Approved. STCW Security Duties for Cruise Ship Staff UK MCA Flag Approved. STCW Security Duties for Seafarers Liberia Flag Approved.
STCW Training Courses for Yachts.
Visit STCW Direct to find STCW courses available near you. Find the best STCW course for you the smart way.: Search for STCW courses near you. Compare STCW courses from several training centres. Learn more about STCW training and requirements.
46 CFR 11.301 - Requirements for STCW officer endorsements. CFR US Law LII Legal Information Institute.
Applicants holding national officer endorsements, who seek to add an STCW endorsement at the operational level, must provide evidence of meeting the STCW requirements found in this subpart, including -. 1 Meeting the service requirements for the operational-level STCW endorsement.;

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