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As with any VPN, it's' nearly impossible to verify that claim. One way is to determine what a VPN provider is legally required to do based on where it is headquartered its jurisdiction, and whether it has ever been caught keeping logs. Ideally, the VPN you choose should have undergone and published the results of an independent third-party audit of its operations, including its use of activity logs. IPVanish is a US-based company. For maximum privacy, we look for VPN providers with a jurisdiction outside of Five Eyes intelligence-sharing agreements that is, one headquartered out of the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.
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With fast speeds and premium encryption technology, IPVanish is one of the premier VPN choices available. Find out how IPVanish can help you stay safe online when you sign up and enjoy a 7-day, money-back guarantee. Keeps zero traffic logs.
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VPNs Protect Your Privacy. Speedtest is pleased to recommend IPVanish, rated Excellent" by PC Mag. It takes more than a private Internet browser to go incognito. IPVanish makes your real IP address disappear so that your online activity cant be tracked.
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The Middle East. Our research for this IPVanish review has shown us that there are very few, if any, VPN service providers that can match the completeness of IPVanish VPN server location list. It is that comprehensive. Apart from being comprehensive, it is also pretty large. IPVanish has recently stopped its operations in a country that goes by the name of Russia. Because of the countrys local laws. Essentially, the laws in Russia conflict with how IPVanish wants to serve its customers. Mainly that Russian laws dont allow IPVanish to have no logs on its customers. But IPVanish isnt the only VPN service provider that has suspended offerings in Russia.
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Skip to content. Kodi on Firestick. Kodi on Firestick. IPVanish VPN Supercharge Guide. IPVanish VPN Supercharge Guide. April 17, 2021 September 4, 2021 VPN Setup. This video will teach you how to Supercharge IPVanish VPN. IPVanish recently updated their servers and I am not getting double the download speed that I previously had.
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IPVanish keeps zero logs on its users Image credit: IPVanish Logging. IPVanish's' Privacy Policy begins with a clear and reassuring statement: 'IPVanish' is a zero-logs VPN service provider, which means that we do not keep a record of any connection, traffic, or activity data in regards to our Services.'.' The document goes on to explain how the company collects some data via the website, its registration and payment procedures, but there's' nothing you wouldn't' expect: cookies, website analytics, email address and so on. There is one not-so-clear exception. The policy says IPVanish uses Google's' Firebase to collect crash information, 'to' understand the source and cause of app crashes, and to develop improve our Services.'' What might this information include, and what happens to it? The policy doesn't' say, beyond explaining that 'this' data does not link back to any personal identifiable information on our VPN.'.' Many apps and services use app crash systems - you've' probably seen them yourself - but most ask during installation if you're' willing to allow them to operate.
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Go for three months and it works out at $7.20 per month or commit to a full year and you'll' be paying the equivalent of $5.20 per month. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee, effectively making this a free trial period. This is a nice increase from the 7 day period the company previously offered. Testing and performance. For IPVanish in the U.S, download speeds were impressive. We tested using Speedtest.net and TestMy.net to see what the performance was like. These tests were repeated across several days to get a more realistic spread of speeds to give us an average. Tested in the U.S, we got back an average speed of 220Mbps - so, pretty impressive then. When you consider the slowest speed we got on an individual test was 153Mbps you get an idea why this is a decent VPN when it comes to connection performance. Taking that further afield, to the UK, we tested using a 75Mbps line and achieved 69Mbps showing that there is very little lag on the part of the VPN.
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When we tried quizzing support agents about different aspects of the service, from simple setup questions to technical protocols, we noticed that some staff seemed to be simply copying and pasting answers from the website. Wed prefer a more personable approach, but it goes to show that a lot of the key information you might seek is available online. IPVanish VPN review: Verdict. IPVanish is an excellent VPN for short-range connections. If you want to browse via a secure server in your own country, or a neighbouring one, it offers speed, security and ease of use. We also like its 10-device limit, which is more than most competitors offer, and dedicated 24/7 customer support.

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